Meet our Leadership

We remove human elements from trading, and use scientific methods that can be quantified time over time.

We outperform traditional trading platforms by implementing our unique understanding of AI (Neural Networks, LSTM and DRL) and Cloud Computing onto increasingly complex markets.

  • James Buchheim

    CEO / Co-Founder


    James is a serial entrepreneur with five previous turnarounds and exits. James most recent acquisition was the sale of Bluvision to HID Global in 2016 after previously creating Bluvision from scratch. At the time Bluvision was acquired for an 18x valuation there was no external funding and the company had reached 32 employees. James has in depth expertise in using AI, machine learning, Big Data, Cloud, and how to build teams from scratch, with limited investment. James has over 20 years trading experience with three years as professional day trader.

    - James is listed in over 12 US Patents.

  • Leonardo Valencia

    Chief Architect / Co-Founder


    Leo is an Electrical Engineer, Physicist and Inventor. He worked at Bell Labs and Cadence Design Systems developing advanced mathematical simulation algorithms and tools used in microchip design (EDA). Leo used his extensive mathematical knowledge to create a full suite of Volatility analysis tools, including advanced neural nets for volatility forecasting that model, simulate and execute a set of complex options strategies using Index Options. In addition, Leo has extensive experience with the modeling and pricing of complex financial derivatives as well as practical systems of volatility trading at institutional level.

    - PhD in Physics from Stanford

  • Fabien Fischer

    Strategy creator and advisor


    Fabien has been a professional futures trader for the past seven year. His strategies have achieved great results as he has won 2nd and 3rd place, 2 years in a row at the World Trading Championship. In addition to trading the over 200 strategies he has developed in the commodities and indices space, Fabien is is an active trading teacher with weekly classes and courses.

    - World Trading Champion (2nd and 3rd place)