Fully Automated Algorithmic Trading FAQ

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Is there anything to download?
No. Moneza is a 100% cloud delivered solution. We run everything on secure servers so you never have to worrry about missing a trade. Just choose your strategies from our strategy marketplace and we will execute your trades using your broker!
Can Moneza decide what strategy and execute the trades for me?
No, your account and your details are yours, and we have no info on you or your account. Only you can decide what strategy might work for you, how much money to allocate to the strategy. Maika will suggest the size of each trade, and ask for your permission to open the trade, each time.
I have a strategy I would like to trade but it is not listed in the marketplace?
Talk to us about how we can help enable your strategy
Can I lose money?
Yes, our strategies are not secure and you can lose all your invested money. Maika will reduce the size with losses but you can lose all the money allocated for any specific strategy.
Can I stop and cash out anytime?
Sure. Just tell Maika to close any position you have open.
Do I send you money to trade for me?
No. You need to have or open a brokerage account within a broker that Maika supports. We will initially support Interactive Brokers, then add more throughout 2022. We will never have access to your account.
Does it matter where I live?
As long as you have an brokerage account that is supported by Maika then no. But not all strategies will be supported depending on the region you live. Our strategies are designed to primarily work with USA markets and your local brokerage account might not offer trading specific USA instruments
What type of instruments do I need to have enabled in order to trade?
Our main VRP AI strategies trade as SPXW options. You need to be able to buy and sell options enabled from your brokerage account. We don’t trade Naked options. We also have strategies for Futures, and ETFs. please see the strategy overview to get a full detail requirement for the instruments needed and minimal capital needed per strategy.
What is Ultra?
Ultra is one of Moneza's proprietary family of convolutional neural networks that is used to predict market volatility.