Artificial Intelligence

Select the strategy you would like Maika to trade with you. All you need is an email and Maika will deliver trade signals or optionally configure your existing supported brokerage account to let Maika execute the trade for you.


Maika is a fully automated Artificial Intelligence trading platform designed to maximize wealth creation. Paired with our sophisticated collection of both VRP AI strategies and Algorithmic strategies leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Maika delivers real results by proactively optimizing to changing market conditions and automating efficient trade execution.

Everything For Trade Success

Fully automated platform

Maika by Moneza is an artificial intelligence fully automated trading platform.

Synthetic Icebergs

Auto trading with synthetic iceberg creations & executions

Sophisticated close

Auto close with self-sophisticated targets

Machine Learning Auto Sizing

Auto sizing contracts using Machine Learning

Ladder Entry and Exit

Auto entry or exit from Option spread contracts using ladders

Advanced Fund Management

Multi-fund management

Historical Option Pricing

NYSE, ARCA and NASDAQ option chain history database

Heston Price Prediction

Heston model-based option price prediction

Security First

Security Key Enforcement - Two-step verification


Alert Notifications


AI-powered back-testing

Dynamic Strategy creation

Dynamic strategy creation with custom AI and Cloud ML integration

Fully automated

Fully automated cloud environment

Cross cutting metrics

History and P&L by strategy, fund and account

Multi tenancy

Multi tenant cloud support. Every customer has unique and private cloud