Moneza is an AI-Powered Electronic Auto-Trading Cloud Platform

Using Machine Learning, Moneza identifies mispricing opportunities across multiple trading strategies with increased trading odds using Artificial Intelligence to predict future volatility.

Far beyond an AI, Moneza incorporates advanced Auto-Trading tools for multiple asset classes, multi fund trading with live integrations into cloud AI technologies and a broad toolkit for investors to implement custom strategies.

14 Day Free Trial

All subscriptions come with a 14 Day Free Trial. All trial periods have complete access to everything a paid subscription has, so you can feel comfortable with your trading setup.

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No credit card is required to trial. At the end of trial period a credit card will be needed to continue subscription.


Artificial Intelligence

Select the strategy you would like Maika to trade with you. All you need is an email and Maika will deliver trade signals or optionally configure your existing supported brokerage account to let Maika execute the trade for you.


Trading success delivered

Maika by Moneza is an artificial intelligence fully automated trading platform.

Maika is a fully automated Artificial Intelligence trading platform designed to maximize wealth creation. Paired with our sophisticated collection of both VRP AI strategies and Algorithmic strategies leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Maika delivers real results by proactively optimizing to changing market conditions and automating efficient trade execution.

100%Maika runs in a dedicated cloud environment

24 hoursAutomated Trading on a schedule that never sleeps

Fully Automated Using A.I.

You can configure Maika to trade from your existing supported brokerage account.

  • When you subscribe to our services, you get your own Maika in your cloud. All you need is an email and Maika will deliver trade signals. Optionally configure your exernal supported brokerage account and Maika will execute trades for you.

  • We never have access to your account, nor have any information about it.

  • When Maika sees that there is a trade signal, she will send you a notification to your phone, with the trade info. You then decide if you want Maika to do the trade or not on your account.

  • Maika will decide and recommend the size of contracts based on the allocated funds you have for the strategy using A.I so the size of your trade matches accordingly.

  • Try Maika today, create your first cloud AI trading account and trade like a pro.

  • No fees on profits earned as its your account



VRP AI is a proven Alternative strategy showing high absolute returns. Our AI, fully automated strategies generate High alpha, without human bias. Check out our history and successful track record.

We use artificial intelligence to predict and produce advantages by identifying volatility patterns and learning from recent history. Our AI is trained every 3 to 6 months and uses the most recent 3-month history to evaluate performance. Our strategy is unique from the market as we use data analytics to predict volatility instead of predicting the stock market itself.

Our goal is to leverage proprietary deep learning algorithms to assess the bullish or bearish-ness of the most mispriced trades and optimize our edge.

Vrp Mispricing Creates Edge

To generate edge, we produce our own forecast (a probability distribution) to compare against one that is implied by the dealers’ option prices.

Moneza works with Hedge funds, GM, Family offices, LP.Contact us to schedule a call

Moneza does not hold your funds, nor have access to them. Moneza will trigger trades that you approve to execute in your linked broker account.

Contact us to learn more about our technology , track record and audit.

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